Harmony… is that you?


If one is Yin, One is Yan

If one burns, one cries

If there’s Blood stains,

There are empty cartridges

If one is dawn, one is dusk

Both stings for the same plea

Dreading Dreading

The state is Dreading!

Stare the mirror

What do you see?

See others through yourself

See the fear,

See the pain,

And when you perceive

The two hearts junctures at one point

And here comes Harmony!


Enact of Life…

The vicious cycle of life speaks
Nothing is stable!
It has layers of performances.
We work, speak, act
As the web of life cycles proceed
To weave around us.
We are an augmentation of everything
That has happened before us.
Each being a different vigor taken
From a vast vitality field.
We are as substitutes on the earth
Schools taking an interest as time
Explorers all through the ages of time.
Being a little piece of the entirety.
This cycle conveys us from life to life!
As characters in the dramatization of life,
We have the capability to remain inside ourselves.
The mystery is the way we take advantage of the learning.